Surrender in blackjack indicates that a player can move out of the round by giving up if the player feels that the dealer clearly has a stronger hand. The advantage of yielding is that you will not lose the whole wager, you will only lose 50% of your wager after you surrender.

Ideally, the surrender rule works best when the first two cards of a player are weak, to the point that a third card will not improve the hand, increasing the chances of a player to lose the entire bet. When you get to this level, you should say the word ‘surrender’. The dealer will take your cards and you will be knocked out of the game. If you are using a blackjack simulator, there should be a button that indicates the surrender option.

There are two types of surrender, early and later surrender. For early surrender, the dealer will return half your wager without looking at the hole card, while in late surrender, the dealer will check the hole cards before your surrender is validated.